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Welcome to the Berkeley Yoga Center! We are pleased that you are interested in trying yoga at our studio or returning if you've been away for a while. Please read the following guidelines so that you will have the information you need to have the safest and most satisfactory experience that you can while practicing at our studio.

Starting a class:
We recommend contacting the instructor ahead of time; instructor contact info can be found on the teacher page. You can drop into most public classes at any time, though some require preregistration. For classes not requiring preregistration, you can just come and once you are there, you can sign up and pay for classes on a series or drop-in basis (see fees for payment options). On holidays, be sure to check with instructor ahead of time to make sure the class is happening. Please arrive a few minutes early to have time to meet the teacher, get set up with props, and discuss any special needs/concerns you may have.

Special needs:
It's very important to inform the teacher before class begins of any special health conditions or injuries you may have. If you do not want to do this in the class setting, you can contact the teacher beforehand: teachers' contact information is listed on each individual teacher page.

What to bring:
We have all the props you will need, but for reasons of hygiene, we do recommend that you invest in a mat for yourself. Please be prepared to practice in bare feet, and wear clothes that you can move in comfortably and that allow teachers to observe your knees. Also, do not eat for at least an hour or two before class.

Honor your body's needs and limitations:
Remember that yoga is not a competitive endeavor. If a posture or movement feels inappropriate for your body, then modify the pose or ask the instructor for assistance.

"Live in the midst of the battle of life. Anyone can keep calm in a cave or when asleep. Stand in the whirl and  madness of action and reach the Center. If you have found the Center, you cannot be moved." 

- Vivekananda

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