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Hiromi Vardy

is a certified Zen Shiatsu, Yang style Tai Chi, Zhineng Qigong Healer and Practitioner. 

She became acquainted with Tai Chi in 1973, while studying theater design and performance art in London. At first the beauty of Tai Chi movement enticed her. But after a year of practicing, she realized it left a deeper effect in her consciousness.  It also awakened her interest in the healing arts. While she was collaborating on stage with dancers in London she started treating the injuries of their overworked bodies. 

In 1976, two years after she had a serious accident, the loss of circulation in her leg resulted in concern about a need for amputation. She sought the treatment of Japanese acupuncture and daily Tai Chi practice and self massage. It brought her back to Japan and to further pursue the study of Shiatsu at Namikoshi School and work at Zen Shiatsu center under Shizuto Masunaga while continuing to teach Tai Chi and to perform.


In 1987, she moved to the States with her family and opened Daruma Tea shop and a few years later started Ochame, a Japanese restaurant in Berkeley. During the stressful time of running a restaurant she encountered Master Ming Tong Gu who brought Zhineng (wisdom healing) Qigong to the States. She began studying and became licensed to teach under his guidance.

The healing shift she experienced from the practice of Zhineng Qigong was profound.

Upon closing her the restaurant in 2013, she began to teach Zhinneng Qigong at Rudramandir.  In 2020, she began to offer classes on Zoom.  Currently she has expanded her teaching by joining Berkeley Yoga Center, where she offers Yugen Qi Circle to explore together the basis of Qigong and Tai chi healing practices.

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