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Gingi Allen


My love for midwifery care began about 16 years ago after I took my first childbirth education course.  As a fresh undergraduate in Environmental Planning, Sociology & History, I was able to connect my knowledge of healthy environmental practices with the impact that birth health has on the whole of society.  It was after the birth of my first child in 2002 that I saw everything birth and was called to support the mama-baby unit and healing of empowering women & families.


Soon I became an educator, supporting hundreds of families in their choices around a healthy pregnancy, empowered birth, and nourished postpartum, as well as womb wellness.  Along the way, I studied many holistic healing and midwifery techniques and now have integrated them well into my doula & midwifery practice.  During my midwifery schooling and training, I chose to extend my program to get the fullest out of my training (at home birth and birth centers), while raising my two sons as a single mother.  My road in birth work and midwifery was raw, challenging, and beautiful much like the work of being a mother.  It is an honor to support new life into this world and I look forward to developing intimacy, trust, and a deep understanding with the families I support. 

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