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Join Kat Ho

for a cacao ceremony

Saturday, July 16, 5:30-7:30 pm

Take charge of your life and get ready to experience a relaxing, creative, heart opening Cacao Ceremony. Activate your heart and mind in a sacred setting guided by Kat to elevate your higher self. Release your emotional blockage whether it's through painting, a cup of relaxing cacao, sound vibrations, or all of them combined. Live your most authentic self with compassion and love. Kat will hold the space for you to express yourself freely.

***space is very limited. Buy your tickets now.***


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Join Gingi Allen

for a pregnancy movement class

Saturday June 4, 12:00-1:15 pm

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Join Auspicious Acoustics

final Sound Ceremony of Spring 2022,

in alignment with the lunar energies of Gemini New Moon

Sunday May 1, 4:30-6:30 pm (Doors 4:30 pm | Sound Ceremony 5:00-6:30 pm)

registration required

Join Auspicious Acoustics for our final Sound Ceremony of Spring 2022, in alignment with the lunar energies of the upcoming Gemini New Moon.

About this event

For the Healers.

The Seers.

The Hearers.

The Land Stewards and Change Makers.

The Freedom Lovers and Freedom Fighters.

The Advocates, Abolitionists, Agitators, and our Allies.

For the Revolutionaries, and all who work in service of our collective liberation, this one’s for you.

Auspicious Acoustics creates Vibrational Medicine experiences for The People, and we are hosting our last Sound Ceremony of Spring 2022, aligned to harmonize with the portals of the Gemini New Moon.

On Sunday May 1, 2022 from 4:30-6:30pm, we invite you to experience the healing you so deeply deserve as you relax, meditate your mind, tune your body, and have your soul soothed by sound scapes from the distant past through the frequencies of our futures.

When we heal ourselves, we heal our earth. Auspicious Acoustics gives thanks to the Berkeley Yoga Center for providing us a beautiful and spacious setting for us to offer the Vibrational Medicines for our community and the native lands upon which we stand.

Bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow for full comfort and relaxation during the sound ceremony.

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Yoga for Passover: Strengthening Our Hearts

With Julie Emden

Sunday April 17, 2 - 4 pm

registration required

Integrate mind, body, heart, and spirit as we explore and embody the theme of strengthening our hearts with an extended practice on the second day of Passover.

The references in the Exodus story to Pharaoh's “hardened” heart, “heavy” heart, and “strengthened” heart will serve as a map for our practice as we create more spaciousness in our physical bodies for the heaviness, grief, anger, sadness, despair - or any other emotions - we may all be experiencing during these times.

In this carefully sequenced, gentle Iyengar-based yoga and movement practice we will take the time to create more spaciousness in the upper torso - particularly in the rib basket, shoulder girdle, and spine. When we consciously create more spaciousness for the heaviness in our hearts, we strengthen our resilience, our compassion, our inner strength and our ability to take action to bring goodness to our world.

And as we begin the counting of the Omer on this day on the Hebrew Calendar, with the potent theme of “Hesed sh’b’Hesed,” Lovingkindness within Lovingkindness, we will also draw upon themes of softening, flow, generosity and loving kindness as a balm and balance to the heaviness or hardening.

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"Practice transforms us...A different life begins and the body expresses a happiness never felt before. These are not just words; it actually happens."

- Vanda Scaravelli