Melanie Green

Melanie Green is a cis gender queer woman dedicated to social equity in her teaching and life. She believes that yoga, at its roots, is a means for liberation and that we must always remember it is a gift from India.


Melanie continues to learn and grow as a yoga teacher and yoga studio owner and how to best support all peoples. She has been practicing yoga for almost 30 years and teaching since 2000. She strives to make yoga accessible to all students. While encouraging students to focus on their breath, drishti, and sensations, she teaches her students to deepen their practice as they honor their bodies. She values the spiritual aspects of yoga integrated with the asanas as a way to become better humans and to create a more just world.


The physicality of the poses are just as necessary as profound inner lessons of yoga: attention to the breath, letting go of thoughts and ego, perseverance through practice, and radical acceptance. In each class, the student is invited to let go and have fun. Melanie's yoga background includes extensive study in Ashtanga. She has also trained in Iyengar, Pre/Postnatal and Vipassna Meditation.

Melanie always finds ways to integrate lessons from her own yoga practice into her daily life with her teenage children and wife. Melanie has also been volunteering her time in recent months to Yoga for Freedom - teaching yoga to previously incarcerated men and women at The Berkeley Yoga Center.  For nearly two decades Melanie has volunteered her time teaching yoga to children, teens, and young adults. Melanie also offers private instruction and workshops.