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Reet Rannik

Reet (pronounced Rhett) Rannik is a yoga teacher, .M.A Transpersonal Ecopsychologist, and graduate student studying to become a therapist at CIIS. She has been teaching yoga since 2019, and her teaching style is accessible to all levels; from beginners to advanced yogis. Because of her love for the natural world, her yoga philosophy is Earth-based helping you gain eco-attunement in your asana practice. For "Rhett", yoga is the alchemy of prana (life force+breath) and movement that allows one to access harmony within the mind, body and soul. "Rhett” has been teaching in outdoor settings particularly in private backyard gardens and in the Tonto National Forest where she taught amongst the trees to at- risk adolescents in wilderness therapy struggling with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. “Rhett” also loves incorporating sound healing during savasana to help participants gain access to a healing that occurs at a deeper cellular level.

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